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As a multifaceted company, The LeBaron Group brings our clients a diverse skill set based around two main areas of expertise:

1. Sales, Marketing and Web Business Development

With our background in information sales, internet marketing and web based business we bring a fresh perspective to your situation. Using customer relationship management, tracking and testing we as our three pillars of business success we look forward to assisting you in growing your on or offline business.

2. Virtual Reality Services

We offer Virtual Reality user experience testing, user interface testing, play testing, VR consulting and strategic planning for micro-small scale VR businesses and startups.

We Look forward to hearing from you.

Sasha LeBaron President and Founder

Sasha LeBaron


TW @SLeBaron

PH 250 792 1177

Mailing Address:
Sasha LeBaron
4590 North Wind Trail
Hornby Island BC
V0R 1Z0

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