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Virtual Reality Services

Is all about the MetaVerse:

And helping it become.

Starting with building my own VR headsets in 2014, diving full tilt into mobile VR in 2015, through mid-tier open source VR in 2016, and now on to top end commercial level roomscale virtual reality testing and production, we are "all in" on VR.

As well as going hands on building HMD's, I have devoured 1000's of hours of cutting edge VR education material, attend VR meetups, trade shows and use social VR daily as part of my job. I am ready to assist you in your VR projects, including user experience testing, user interaction testing, play testing and VR design consulting.

Get in touch via Twitter @SLeBaron or by the Contact page and lets talk about moving your VR project ahead.

Your VR ideas, from indie to out there, will be well served by our virtual reality services team.